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Stone Age to Iron Age

An inspiring, authentic, hands on experience to link in with the new KS2 curriculum. Children will discover how people lived, learn core skills and experiment with techniques from the era.

Bringing to Life the Stone Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age- KS2

An inspiring, authentic, hands on experience designed for the KS2 curriculum. Children will discover how people lived, learn core skills and experiment with techniques from the era. These sessions will form a fantastic stimulus for discussion and debate around this exciting curriculum topic. All the activities will be led by a team of experienced tutors keen share their enthusiasm. All our sessions are resourced with authentic and hand crafted items using techniques of this period of time.

Through storytelling we will set the scene and take the group back in time enabling them to imagine the world as it was viewed by the Stone Age person. Our story will take the group on a journey through the Bronze and Iron Age exploring the values, needs and wants of the people of this era.

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Topics and Activities (the number of activities covered will depend on length of the session booked (half/full day):

Stone Age Tool Making

Learn about stone axe making in the Lake District and the famous Langdale axe factories. Explore the properties of different stone material used for tools. Each child will grind their own primitive tool out of slate.

Fire Lighting

Discover Iron Age fire lighting with flint and steel. Experiment with lighting fires with a fire steel (the modern day equivalent). We will discuss how techniques for fire lighting developed throughout the ages and demonstrate friction fire lighting with a bow drill.

Hunter Gathering

Stone Age people couldn’t go to the supermarket to buy food! Discover some techniques used when tracking animals. Explore hands on our collection of animal feeding signs, skulls and animal tracks. Discover a variety of plant foods that would have formed part of the diet of a hunter gatherer and crops grown as communities began to settle. Once the group has gained some specialist knowledge they will be sent on a hunter gathering journey to test their new skills.

Using Natural Materials - Natural Cordage

The importance of needles in the development of clothing. Learn technique for making natural cordage discussing properties of natural materials found in the wild. 

The Metal Ages - Copper Work

Understand the amazing discovery of extracting metal from the ground and why archaeologists think the metal ages developed as they did. Each child will create their own decorative copper plate which they will hammer on to wood with stone hammers. 

Sling Shot Making

Make a Iron Age sling shot from leather and cordage made from wool and learn how to fire it. 

Natural Pigments and Rock Art

Explore and create artworks using natural pigments and the cultural traditions of rock art.

Location options:

  • National Trust Footprint Windermere, Beautiful woodland site with waterproof canopy or in the inspiring strawbale Footprint building (you would need to arrange your own transport to site)
  • Your own school grounds


Full Day (up to 30 children) = £300*

Full Day (60 children split with 30 in the morning and 30 in afternoon) = £300*

Half Day – morning or afternoon session (up to 30 children) = £200*

*(discounts available for small class sizes, contact us for a quote)

Materials charged at £2 per child

(plus site fee/mileage depending on location)

Tutors: Ro Thomas, Deborah Fletcher, GarethThomas

Contact us to book or for more info (click here)

We look forward to travelling back in time with you!

"Thanks for such a wonderful and informative day yesterday. The children loved it all and it was fantastic to see them getting so hands on. Your depth of knowledge and enthusiasm is brilliant. Exactly what we needed to inspire the children in our Stone Age topic."